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Artificial Intelligence Greenwashing Daily Briefing

The Drum’s Daily Briefing: E45 and C4 celebrate trans experiences & AI chatbots vulnerable


By The Drum Team, Editorial

May 20, 2024 | 5 min read

Our quickfire analysis of the brand, marketing and media stories that might just crop up in your meetings and conversations today.

A trans individual in process of carrying out their skincare routine

‘This Is Me, This Is My Space’ spotlights the experiences of trans people

London’s diversity key to UK being Europe’s largest ad market

According to GroupM, the UK is Europe’s largest advertising market, with ad revenue expected to hit £41.3bn this year and £50bn by 2028. The sector exported £15.6bn in services in 2022, growing 4.6% this year.

GroupM CEO Josh Krichefski attributes the UK’s advertising success to its cultural diversity, particularly in London, as well as its central location and robust creative industries. London’s diversity enriches the industry, he says, which is reflected in unique and inclusive advertising.

The UK also leads in digital advertising and AI integration, enhancing creative processes and media planning. While AI may replace some mundane jobs, Krichefski emphasizes the irreplaceable value of human creativity and insight.

Source: City AM

E45 celebrates trans experiences in C4 Diversity in Advertising ad

Skincare brand E45 has launched its Channel 4 Diversity in Advertising Award-winning campaign, ‘This Is Me, This Is My Space,’ spotlighting the experiences of trans people.

The TV ad, which debuted on May 17 and is the work of T&Pm, focuses on the personal skincare routines of a group of trans individuals in the privacy of their bathrooms, highlighting the physical challenges of transitioning.

Accompanying this is a social-first series, ‘In My Skin,’ featuring trans individuals sharing their transitioning journeys. The campaign, produced by T&Pm and 4Studio, emphasizes authentic LGBTQIA+ representation, aiming to foster visibility and empathy. Channel 4’s 2023 competition sought to improve LGBTQIA+ portrayal in UK advertising, driven by insights on brand apprehension and representation.

Source: Channel 4

MasterChef sponsor faces greenwashing investigation over gas claims

A climate communications group, Comms Declare, has requested that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission investigate “renewable gas” claims made by MasterChef sponsor Australian Gas Networks (AGN).

The complaint alleges that AGN’s promotion of hydrogen and biomethane on the show constitutes greenwashing, misleading viewers into thinking these gases are eco-friendly.

Comms Declare founder Belinda Noble argues that the gases used are neither renewable nor low-emission. Critics urge MasterChef to adopt induction cooking instead.

AGN defends its sponsorship, claiming it demonstrates low-carbon cooking solutions via existing gas networks to support Australia’s net-zero transition.

Source: The Guardian

AI chatbot safeguards highly vulnerable, researchers reveal

UK government researchers found that AI models behind chatbots are easily bypassed, issuing harmful or explicit responses, despite safeguards.

The AI Safety Institute (AISI) tested five unnamed large language models (LLMs) and circumvented their protections with basic techniques. These vulnerabilities, known as jailbreaks, exploited prompts like “Sure, I’m happy to help.”

Even without concerted efforts, the models provided harmful outputs. Developers claim in-house testing prioritizes safety, but AISI’s findings suggest widespread issues.

Source: The Guardian

UK AI Safety Institute expands to Silicon Valley

The UK government is opening an AI Safety Institute branch in Silicon Valley to engage with top tech companies and talent. The expansion builds on a partnership with a US equivalent and complements the London headquarters.

Technology secretary Michelle Donelan aims to advance AI safety and set international standards, as discussed at the Seoul summit.

Recent findings reveal AI models’ vulnerability to “jailbreaks” (see above), prompting the move to repair industry relations. Led by Ian Hogarth, the institute analyzes risks like AI’s control in biology, chemistry and cybersecurity, providing insights to the government for better public understanding.

Source: The Times

Artificial Intelligence Greenwashing Daily Briefing

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