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Best Ads of the Week: Jeremy Renner runs again for Brooks & Samsung shades Apple ad


By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

May 22, 2024 | 9 min read

Also this week, AT&T highlights America’s digital divide and a Paralympics ad shifts perceptions dramatically.

jeremy renner

Renner returns to running after his accident in Brooks' new commercial

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This week, Timothée Chalamet fronted a Scorcese-directed Chanel ad, Danny Dyer drank Frank’s RedHot Sauce and La Vie’s plant-based ham sparked out-of-home buzz.

Brooks: Love, Hope and Titanium

Running shoe brand Brooks has enlisted Marvel star Jeremy Renner for its first global campaign in a quarter of a century. In the ‘Love, Hope and Titanium’ spot, the 53-year-old begins by telling the camera: “I have no business doing a running commercial. 15 months ago, I was dead, right?”

Last year, he was hit by a snowplow while trying to save his nephew from being run over by it. The actor broke 38 bones. In the commercial, Renner recounts how doctors said he wouldn’t be able to walk properly again, let alone run. 15 months on, the three-and-a-half minute ad shows how having the right footwear contributed to his speedy recovery.

AT&T: Route to Connection by Attn

In the digital age, tens of millions of Americans still lack access to high-speed home internet – a disparity that AT&T aims to underscore in a documentary titled Route to Connection.

The film, produced in collaboration with Attn, Candle Media’s storytelling division, explores the significant impact of the ’digital divide’ on residents of Amarillo, Texas, a city with one of the lowest internet connectivity rates in the US, and demonstrates how improved internet access can change their lives.

International Paralympic Committee: Paris 2024 by Adam&EveDDB

As excitement builds for a summer of sport, the International Paralympic Committee has released an ad that hopes to challenge perceptions about the event. It opens with a bright and colorful aesthetic that radiates positivity and togetherness, combined with cartoon-style animation and a sickly-sweet soundtrack, but this narrative is ultimately slashed halfway through to reveal a dramatic, competitive and realistic approach.

It builds on the idea that the Paralympics is usually seen as bringing people with disabilities together to participate in joyous sporting harmony. Instead, the short film emphasizes the impressive athleticism and edge-of-your-seat competition that takes place during the event. The ad has a real surprise element and has the ability to drive excitement and engagement for the upcoming competition.

Chanel: Bleu de Chanel by Martin Scorsese

To promote its classic Bleu fragrance, Chanel has collaborated with Hollywood icon Martin Scorsese and one of Tinseltown’s most in-demand actors, Timothée Chalamet. It has been almost a year since behind-the-scenes images of the ad were leaked, getting fans excited for the short, and it hasn’t disappointed. In the 90-second black and white ad, viewers see Chalamet portray pretty much every single actor trope in the book, from shmoozing late-night talk show hosts to being hounded by the paparazzi.

What makes the ad special is that it has all the marks of a Scorsese classic but in a much more concise effort. The main recognizable element is the inner torment following the protagonist, who quite clearly is searching for something more in life. Followed by the ever-growing color blue, or Bleu, Chalamet chases down the hue that seems to be calling to him. The spot culminates at a city train station in all its grimy and romantic glory.

La Vie: Bucking Plant-Based Ham Palace


La Vie is promoting its plant-based ham with an eye-catching out-of-home campaign that is sure to get people talking. There are billboard ads dotted around London, while a distinctive pink-hued cab renames Buckingham Palace.

The copywriting on each ad is brilliantly executed, is bold and taps into so many big topics that often come up with vegan products. The work highlights sustainability, advocates for animal welfare and addresses the ongoing protein debate. This campaign from Albert Albert and Andrew Dobbie is a conversation starter. It’s one of those projects that will either rile people up or earn their applause, but one thing is certain: it will get them talking.

Asda: Serious About Summer

Supermarket chain Asda recently released a new ad in tandem with new branding that combines its familiar lime green hue with dark green typography. There’s a real emphasis on “northern humor,” which Asda’s Adam Zavalis tells The Drum sets the brand apart. “We’re back to our roots. We’re from Leeds. Great British humor is what we want to own and be known for.”

‘Serious About Summer’ is all about making the most of the warmer months. The TV spots each give their own unique take on staple summer experiences, kicking things off with a BBQ-themed ad complete with a ‘beach dad buckaroo.’

Samsung: Creativity Cannot be Crushed by BBH USA

BBH USA has whipped up a fast response to one of Apple’s biggest fails in recent years. In the ad, a woman salvaged a crushed guitar and used a Samsung tablet to learn the instrument. The goal of the ad is to celebrate human creativity – something that many thought Apple showed disdain for.

We all like to see an old guitar being used, even though, physically, we know that instrument simply wouldn’t function. It’s going to get a lot of earned media for what is likely a week or two’s work. It is also worth noting how close the visuals are to the original.

Frank’s RedHot Sauce: Danny Dyer ad

Fancy kicking your pint up a notch? Frank’s RedHot Sauce suggests that a cocktail of its spicy condiment and a lager is the way forward for matchday drinking. Fronted by London-born TV personality Danny Dyer, the spot evokes a sense of intrigue and bewilderment while making a fairly solid case for the concoction. It’s quite captivating watching the actor down the spicy drink.

The brand has also coined the term ‘flager’ for the tongue-in-cheek campaign. What is great about the ad is that it leaves you questioning whether it’s all a big gag or not. Either way, it’s sure to get people talking and trying it.

The Danish Association of Engineers (FRI): The Blackout Box by Grey Health

blackout box

To address Denmark’s looming energy infrastructure crisis, The Danish Association of Engineers (FRI) has taken a “hands-on” approach to capture the attention of the nation’s 40 most influential figures. Dubbed ‘The Blackout Box,’ the initiative aims to shake policymakers, media luminaries and thought leaders out of complacency regarding the fragility of Denmark’s energy future.

The Blackout Box initiative entails hand-delivering specially curated containers brimming with alarming insights into the country’s energy predicament. Among the recipients are key figures such as the Denmark Minister of Energy, chief editors of national newspapers, energy and climate experts from prominent think tanks and influential personalities across various media platforms.

WeRoad: Once In A Lifetime Adventures

weroad ooh

Travel brand WeRoad has launched its first-ever outdoor advertising campaign by taking over 239 sites in Manchester. Titled ‘Once In A Lifetime Adventures,’ the user-generated ads depict selfie-style shots of the brand’s small-group trips to various locations around the world.

From the Pyramids of Giza to the jungles of Sri Lanka, the peaks of Patagonia and the Sahara Desert, the playful taglines read: “Ever hiked through the land of fire?” and “Ever traveled through time?” Each culminates with the call to action: “Have you ever done a WeRoad?”

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