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A new AI era: How generative AI is shaking up marketing

APAC Trends Briefing and Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has exploded onto the scene in recent months and the proliferation of powerful AI is already revolutionizing the marketing industry. From copy automation to the new generation of search engines, this session will explore how this tool is being harnessed and in what specific areas it is proving valuable.
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Future-proofing your advertising strategy for a cookie-free climate

The ticking clock on third-party cookies is getting louder. Advertisers who are late in developing a workable addressability strategy risk their targeting, personalization and measurement capabilities when third-party cookies are depreciated. But the cookie countdown is an opportunity for APAC advertisers to create even more sophisticated strategies which better suit the industry’s ever-evolving maturity – and there’s still time to get there.

Data-driven brilliance: Navigating the future of advertising

Market forces are converging and shifting consumer behaviours more rapidly than ever before, often in ways that we can’t always anticipate. In this session, we will explore how senior marketers are adapting to realign data strategies in order to unleash advertisings true capability, unlock new opportunities and turn uncertainty to their advantage.

Trends & Tactics: Senior marketing leader’s panel

Join an esteemed panel of senior leaders as they reflect on the biggest trends shaping the region in 2024. We will hear about the latest technology and digital services, the current sustainability landscape and how marketing is changing the consumer landscape.

Special guest opening keynote: Aseem Puri, CEO of Unilever International

Join one of APAC’s leading senior marketers for a presentation on the unique challenges and opportunities on offer across the Asia Pacific region. This presentation will explore leadership, productivity and consumer trends as well insights for the year ahead.